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May 10, 2016 by ymavrak

Trireme Sails company was found in 2017 by Sotirios Tsetsos, with main goal of standing out in the field of yachting. The company aims to provide its guests with a pleasant and safe holiday, by taking responsibility and ensuring to offer the best service tailored to your desires. In order to achieve this vision, we invested years of experience in our yachts. The company’s founder and spokesman, John Serbis, is personally curate for ensuring and providing all the services of Trireme sails to its visitors. For this reason, we can provide reliable boats fully checked by us, experienced skippers with years of experience, pleasant and safe transportation to and from the yacht. Furthermore, we ensure the processing and execution of all small issues before the arrival of the guests and the provision of all the necessary services so that you have the most ideal holiday.